So you want or want to be a help meet?

Adam and Eve 2

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Earlier this week during some much needed time studying the word, my spirit nudged me to turn to Genesis chapter 2. I already knew what particular verse God wanted me to see. In verse 18 it states that God felt it was not good for man to be alone so he decided to make a “help meet” for him. I have read this verse numerous times but something on this particular night told me to dig deeper. I am a strong believer in looking up the original meanings of things in the Bible. I understand the Bible we read today is merely a translation so I like to educate myself on the original context of its content. So on this night I decided to look up what this term “help meet” really means. After shouting and throwing things across the room, I knew I had to share this powerful information. I realized too many of us are asking to be or be with a “help meet” and have no clue what we are really asking for. So I will share what I found and I pray it blesses you.

The term “help meet” is the term “ezer kenegdo” in Hebrew. The first word ezer shows up in the Bible numerous times and has a few meanings. The first meaning that made me shout was “savior.” The other meaning is “strength.” Matter of fact, the majority of the time the term ezer was used, it was used in the context of God being an ezer for His people. At this point I was already blown away. This entire time I have been preparing to simply be a “helper” when I should have been preparing to be someone’s strength that saves. First off the fact that the same term to describe God is the same word that is used to describe what a wife is to be for her husband is powerful enough in itself. Then I began to think about how strong women are known to be. Maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally. It started to make sense because that was our purpose. Women are lifesavers which explains our tendency to always want to be superwoman. The term “savior” was messing me up though. I wondered “so I’m supposed to save a man? From what?” Then it hit me. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. See I have always believed that women have a divine thing called intuition. I do not believe it is by happen chance women have it. I now believe it is to protect and save our men from the spirits and principalities that he fights daily. Every day we as humans fight things that eyes cannot see. I believe women were created to utilize that intuition when something is wrong to pray through whatever that situation may be. Women are to be the prayer saviors and strength for the men in our lives.

As if that wasn’t enough, I then get to the second word kenegdo. What made this interesting is this word is only used in Genesis chapter 2. It appears nowhere else in the Bible. So it was difficult to even try to understand what the word could mean. Now before I even found out what the word meant I was shouting because obviously a wife is so special, the word used to describe her could not be used for anything else. *insert praise break* When scholars did indeed get an idea for what kenegdo meant, it was confusing. The word roughly translates to “against.” It can also translate to “opposite or in front of.” Some have even translated it to mean “exactly corresponding to.” Now all of this had me shouting because it all made sense. Someone described it as looking in a mirror. It seems like women were made to be the strength that corresponds with a man, his opposite equal in order to save him. In other words, she has what he lacks and uses that to help strengthen him. It reminds me of our hands. Our right and left hands are opposite of each other. They mirror each other. Yet their position makes it to where they correspond with each other in that they can connect. Imagine yourself with two right hands or two left feet. That is how women were created to men. To be in correspondence that together they are effective and serve their purpose.

So let me start with my ladies. Queens, are you ready to be the strength for a man? Are you ready to protect a man in spiritual warfare? Are you ready to help him through being his opposite equal? Or are you hurrying to jump down an isle when you don’t even know what you are trying to sign up for? That’s like applying for a job and not reading the job description to know what all it entails. Then you get confused and frustrated when you are faced with things that require your job duties. Maybe if you read the description ahead of time, you would know what the position requires. Are you ready for the title of ezer kenegdo? Some of you have already been hired and struggling to keep your position because you signed up for something you didn’t know what it was. Can you handle the responsibility it takes? Are you willing to take his spiritual walk in your hands? When is the last time you prayed for the man in your life? You have to be strong spiritually to be a strength for him. Ultimately ladies do you have something to bring to the table? You have to be able to mirror the strengths he has. In other words, don’t expect him to come with everything that will make the relationship work. The other piece of this is that you have to take your position serious. You are supposed to be a savior for him. That means stop nagging that man when he comes through the door. Stop beating him down mentally about all you think he doesn’t do for you. That is not strengthening that man it is weakening him. Then you wonder why the next ezer wants to come and try to save him from you. That’s another post for another day though. Instead of beating him down, go to spiritual battle for him and pray for whatever he is lacking or pray off him what he does not need.

Fellas I have to question you too. Are you sure you are really looking for an ezer kenegdo? Or are you just looking for anybody? You’re saying you’re looking for an executive to help run the company but you’re only interviewing people with entry level skills and qualities. You need to know what is expected in this role before you go trying to give it to someone. You say you love her but she won’t even pray over her food how do you expect her to pray for you? Do you trust her to put your spiritual battle in her hands? Would you put her on the front lines of battle in your spiritual warfare? Is she your corresponding strength? Does she have the things you lack? Here is an even bigger question. Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to let her save you? Are you willing to let her be a strength for you? See society has messed you all up by making you think you have to be the strong one all the time. You are supposed to be the one doing all the saving. Well apparently God saw it different from society. Notice it does not say God saw fit to make someone man can be an ezer kenegdo for. He said I will make him a help meet. So God saw fit to create a woman to be a strength and a saving grace FOR you. You though have to be grateful and willing to allow a woman to do so. Adam was excited when he saw Eve. Will you be the same or will you be afraid and too prideful to let an ezer kenegdo do her job?

Kings and Queens I believe that when you know better you do better. Now that we are equipped with what this position entails, let’s start to take it more seriously than we have. Being a true help meet is not an easy task. It’s one that should not be taken lightly. Ladies we have to start preparing or stepping into what this title really means and fella’s you have to start expecting it. God created woman to be the opposite of man with the strength of God to help him. Anything less than that is coming up short of its intentions. Are you being a true ezer kenegdo? Are you with a true help meet? You might want to find out and adjust accordingly.


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