The Power of Support

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First let me start off by saying happy New Year everyone!!!! I am absolutely loving all the positive energy about 2017 thus far. One thing I noticed trending for this year is stepping out on faith for new endeavors. I love anytime someone decides to go for their dreams. As this year progresses and the people in our lives take huge leaps of faith, let’s remember to support them. This seems obvious to most but many are struggling with this simple concept, especially in relationships.

There is something about having your significant other support your endeavors. While we appreciate the support from other loved ones such as friends, family and acquaintances, the support from your love means something different. So much so, their support is sometimes desired more than anyone else’s. It makes you feel like you can do anything because the person by your side believes in you. I think we have either lost faith or underestimated the power of supporting the ones we love. Sometimes we may think it means putting ourselves on the backburner while we tend to the dreams of someone else. I also think sometimes people genuinely don’t think it means that much. Some people don’t know how impactful the phrase “I support you” really is.

First off, support is not just a benefit to the other person. When a person feels supported, they tend to show their love and affection more. Especially for those of us whose love language is words of affirmation. Encouraging words will fill our love tanks quickly. We then in turn have love to pour out on you. I’ll be honest though, supporting is not always easy. The bigger the aspiration, the more needed support. Yet and still, the reward will come for the effort.

Queens, I’ll start with you. We must learn to tap into the mighty power of supporting our Kings. I know there are plenty of other things that will keep a man, but not supporting him is a good way to lose him. How many times have we seen a woman that seems to have it “all” lose her man to a woman that doesn’t. A lot of times the new woman knew how to support the man. She made him feel like what he was doing was possible. Now I’m not saying every man that doesn’t feel supported is going to leave for another woman. I’m just saying when men do leave, lack of support is sometimes the reason. Rest assured though, if you want to build a disconnect, don’t support your man. We have to understand that a King feels most powerful when his Queen reigns beside him. A man feels like he can conquer the world when his woman shows him support. His confidence is raised which gives him the motivation to make her proud in all areas. If you seem like you don’t support what he does, he will feel disconnected and disappointed.

Now Kings, please don’t think this is one-sided. Queens need support as well. Women are killing the game right now in regards to entrepreneurship. They are stepping into their promises and making their dreams happen. It’s nice knowing the man by their side believes in what they are doing. Women like to know that what they are pursuing is just as important to their man as it is to them. They want to know you are invested into them. For a woman, supporting her shows your love for her. It is already hard enough for women sometimes being in a patriarchal society. They like to know their efforts are being supported by the men in their lives. The same rule applies as far as the benefits are concerned. When a woman feels supported, she will show just how pleased she is about it to her man. With no support, a woman will become distant and unhappy.

One thing to highlight, is support is not just limited to business ventures and dreams. Support encompasses all. Maybe your significant other wants to lose weight, pay off some debt or pick up a hobby. These things are just as important. Show them you support their effort for growth and change. It’s not easy taking these steps but it’s even harder when the one you love doesn’t show their faith in your ability to do so. So many times, people say they want their significant others to change yet when they try to, people give no effort to support that change. Don’t count out the moments where support comes in different forms. It all means just the same.

A major point that must be addressed is showing your support. Yes, it is nice to say things like “I believe in you” or “I think you’re going to do great things.” Sometimes though, you have to show it just as much as you say you believe it. If your boo wants to lose weight, go with them to the gym sometimes. If they are opening a business, buy them a book that shows them how to manage it. If they started painting as a hobby, pick up a brush one night and paint together. Sometimes it is the action behind the words of encouragement that solidify your effort.

So as we embark on this magical journey of 2017, I wish you all nothing but success on the things you have set to accomplish. Let’s all be sure to support one another. Most of all, for all my love birds out there, be sure to let your lover know you support what they are doing. Let them know you believe in them and then show them just how much you do. Never let them forget you are their #1 fan. Tap into the power of support today and watch it transform you both. Remember, you got this!!!!!



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